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Hell Bound Soldiers


Made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common
vision of honor, integrity, and fair play,

HellBoundSoldiers HQ:  |   www.HellBoundSoldiers.org

2005 - 2013

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2014-07-12 Posted by
Recruitment Mw2 RepZIw4

Brief Description:
ClanHBS: A High Quality Gaming Environment Where The Casual, Competitive, Consistent, Or Copacetic Gamer Can Find A Home. Established In 2005, ClanHBS's Central Command Is Dedicated To High Quality Standards In Every Department That Matters To The Gamer: Excellent Site, Servers, Voice Communication, Clan Competition, Game Raffles. & Award Ceremonies. Why We Suggest Teamspeak?: We encourage everyone to use our public teamspeak server! Teamspeak is the most light weight voice chat software out there. Trust us teamspeak is better for voice chat then mumble and or ventrilo. Plus don't you want to meet the ClanHBS's community on more personal level? Dedicated Server: Our high grade, lag free server boasting a backbone of over 550 Gbps connection hosted in St.Louis, USA. Our Dedicated server is running an AMD Opteron 3365 Octacore with 32GB DDR3 ram. Server List: ClanHBS 20000 XP XLRstats & B3 Server IP: XLRstats: http://xlrstats.hellboundsoldiers.org Website: http://hellboundsoldiers.org


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