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2016-11-11 Posted by
Lest We Forget

As I wake up this chilly morning, I find my mind immediately settling in on the men and women both past and present who have made the choice to serve for our countries. I am not just thinking of my home country, but for all countries.

These people selflessly chose to serve and protect both foreign and domestic. To stand with an armor of courage for those who can not defend themselves. To stand as the line between violence and peace. To stand on guard.

So to the men and women of the various Military Branches and also to all those whom are First Responders, and civil servants, I remember. I remember that you chose the selfless path, to be there to protect and serve, to be there to keep us safe and for that, I am eternally grateful and shall always remember.

Please join me at 11:11 (AM or PM, whichever is next for you) in a moment of silence for those who stand where we can not.



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